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Konjac Bulbs

What is Konjac?

Konjac is processed from a root plant of the same name belonging to the Araceae family and is native to Southeast Asia. Glucomannan, the water-soluble fiber found in konjac root sets with an alkaline coagulant. Konjac is composed of 96-97% water, except for glucomannan, the key ingredient. Glucomannan passes through the human digestive tract mostly undigested and is partially converted into fatty acids by microorganisms in the the gut. It is considered one of the lowest calorie foods (5-7 calories per 100g) and is commonly used as an ingredient when calorie intake needs to be restricted.

About Konjac


The Benefits of Konjac

What nutritional benefits does konjac provide?


High in Dietary Fiber

Equivalent to two heads of lettuce!


In Japan, Konjac has long been called “broom of the stomach” and contains the dietary fiber, glucomannan, which helps expel waste and toxins from the body.


*Calculated based on one head of lettuce (approximately 220g).

Rich in Calcium

Approximately twice as much as broccoli!


Konjac also contains a lot of calcium, which is essential for bones and teeth. The calcium in konjac is highly bioavailable due to its solubility in acid and is digested efficiently.


Why is konjac good for weight loss, beauty and health?



Diet image

Konjac is a strong ally of weight loss and beauty

Konjac is more than 95% water, fat-free, and extremely low in calories. The bouncy and springy texture of konjac naturally encourages more chewing and aids in feeling full. Its high content of dietary fiber also helps to improve bowel movements, making it an ideal ingredient for obesity prevention. Recent research has shown that konjac root, the raw material used to make konjac, is rich in ceramides, which are essential for heat retention.



Prevention of Colonic Diseases

Dietary fiber (glucomannan) improves elimination and reduces the incidence of diseases, such as colon cancer and colon polyps.

Cholesterol Reduction

Konjac is rich in dietary fiber, which is essential for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. Glucomannan also reduces cholesterol absorption in the small intestine.

Diabetes Prevention

Studies have shown that glucomannan improves glucose tolerance and reduces insulin secretion.

Konjac is an ally of general health

Glucomannan, the main ingredient of konjac, is known to have the following effects.


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